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this was by far, teh best alfred episode, especially since it didnt cause me a seizure like past ones, but if there was something you could improve on it would have to be...nothing! well done!

preloader lacks

it was pretty good for being your first, but if you need a preloader its pretty easy to go to downloads and find an NG preloader, try it next time

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esta bien/ its alright

bueno, para empesar, esta muy bien hecho, hace falta movimiento de los personajes eh originalidad en ellos, pero por ahora esta bien, tambien, tienes que entender que esta es una pagina estadunidense y que hace falta que agreges alguna manera para cambiar el idioma, y no cairia mal algun cargador o un boton de play, pero aparte de eso, esta pelicula esta bien con una linea de storia muy buena, bien hecho.

well, to start off, this was pretty well made, it lacks movement in the characters and even more lacking originality in them, but for now i guess its ok, also, you have to understand that this is an american website and this needs some sort of way to change the language, it also wouldnt hurt to add a sort of preloader or play button, but apart from that, this is a pretty good movie with a good storyline, well done.

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pretty good as always

this is great, like all your entrys, what i dont uderstand is why dont you just de-part from hentai-key adn submit full games? im sure you could find another hentai site that is free but could as easy pay you for your outstanding work! but over-all, this was a great game, good job!


alright, this shows that if you put some effort into something it can turn into a good animation. well, here you can tell that this game took some time to make, and i respect that, a game is hard work, but maybe, just maybe, you could of done some extra programing, some more added bonuses, or, you know, bonuses in general. but anyways, pretty well done.

lol, awsome

i was wondering when this would come out. see its games like these that make newgrounds worth the while, i wish i could contact you in some way without using the stupid pm from newgrounds, tha is bogus now.lol

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NAveryW responds:

Thanks for your glowing review. I read my PMs for those who wish to contact me that way, but my AIM address is EnthalpicDrizzle.

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